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What we do...

Professional Website Design
Sacrificing user friendly website design for effective online branding is over. ComOptions Website Design is a full service Web Identity Development company specializing in converting our clients' visions into user friendly solutions that reinforce branding and strengthen customer loyalty. We do this with eye catching web design while maintaining simple, clean interfaces that simplify successful task completion for your website visitors.

Don't believe a word of those other guys. We are the oldest web development company in North Dakota so we can honestly say we are more experienced in the world of marketing.

On-going site promotion and keeping the content fresh on your company web site are extremely important to the success of your web presence. We can also provide monthly maintenance for your web site which includes updates to your web site and assistance with boosting your web site rankings on the major search engines.

Our robots can go out and list your web site with over 400 search engines at a time. We send you a list of which engines have received your site listing and will watch for updates and problems to your listings. 
So whether you live in Minot, North Dakota or anywhere else we can help you get your site found!

Innovative Developers
Our talented team of website developers, using the latest in website design technology, will provide you with amazing services at very competitive prices. Using innovative graphic design, flash, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, (X) HTML, CGI and PHP, we have successfully designed and marketed cost effective websites and online identities for businesses Nationwide. From URL registration, website hosting solutions, marketing strategies, website design, logo design, print design, database design and PHP programming, we can help you realize your vision. 

bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks in website development today; and it works great for Mobile Sites.

be responsive

One of Bootstrap 4's big points is responsiveness and we make use of this technology by generating highly responsive websites for you.

web Fonts

Google has developed a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform which makes your mobile site more attractive and functional.

unlimited possibilities

There is NO limit on what we can build into your mobile site..

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Every page of your website should have a defined purpose. For example, your homepage should entice users to click through to your categories, or better yet, straight through to a product page. From there, your product page should answer any lingering doubts users might have and convince them to make a purchase. Your shopping cart page should simplify the checkout process and have a feature like a follow-up email that reassures shoppers that the transaction was successful.

domain hosting

Our dedicated Migrations Team is standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host and configure it to perform optimally on our platform. We can also transfer domain registrations from other registrars in order to provide you complete management of your entire online portfolio all in one place! 

mobile sites

Responsive Design prepares websites for the future of modern website design by making them beautiful across multiple devices.
Our team plans, designs, and develops stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic.

website hosting

It doesn't matter who made your site, we can host it. Plans starting at $8.95 per month which includede 5gb of space and 300 email addresses.


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